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10 things I can’t live without!

1) Moisturizer– It might sound strange, but I can’t sleep without taking my makeup off & putting on moisturizer. My skin is so DRY and I can’t stand that tight feeling without it.
(Click here for my favorite)

2) My family-I know this is an obvious choice but my family are my life. My parents and sisters are my biggest inspiration and best support system. I can count on them no matter the circumstances.

3) Exercise-I know your all thinking the gym is actually on this list? I can’t live without workouts, makes me happy and sane…so it is definitely something I can’t live without

4) My phone-It is my lifeline

5) Caffeine– Honestly can anyone live without caffeine?! I need my coffee, tea & pre workout

6) Dry shampoo– I don’t know how I survived before it, ya girl is way to lazy to wash my hair everyday. (My favorite here)

7) Pizza– If I had to pick one food I could never be able to live without, it is PIZZA.

8) Music– bad day. Music.
Emotional mess. Music.
Explaining your feelings. Music.

9) Traveling- exploring new places and looking for to vacations makes me so happy. A break from reality and everyday life.

10) Sunshine- gimme ALL the vitamin D! I am instantly in a great mood when I wake up to the sun shining into my room. Who’s with me?!!


Hope everyone has an amazing week & do not forget to enjoy some of the things you can’t live without this week too!! Xoxo, Lex

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