10 things that make me happy

Now a days or at least in my own personal experiences it seems like we all focus on making others happy but forget about the most important person in our life, ourselves! I don’t say that to be selfish but at least for myself, I love everyone in my life so I make commitments for things just to be a good friend, daughter, sister etc.  I make obligations with them because I want to make my loved ones happy and I’ll continue to do so. However, I truly think making time for what makes you happy or alone time for yourself is a GOOD thing. Don’t stop being you for any kind of relationship in your life because eventually if your just doing it to please someone else, you’ll realize how unhappy you are internally. I honest to god love sitting home alone & just keeping to myself ( call me anti social if you will) but simple nights like that make me happiest . It’s my zen time. Keep your soul happy, do something for yourself because you want to.

Here are my top 10

1) breakfast in bed (ALL the waffles please)

2) good naps

3) new gym clothes

4) my hair being played with (girls am I right?!!)

5) traveling

6) alone time

7) drive in movies

8) working out (it’s my stress reliever)

9) fresh manicure ( I feel on top of the world with fresh nails)

10) sunny days






comment below some of the things you do

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