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10 ways to CRUSH your RESOLUTION

YOU GUYS!!! A new year just arrived and we made it to 2019. WOAH does time sure fly by. With the new year comes the many resolutions that we all are so eager to make. Personally I think it is BECAUSE we all love a fresh start, after falling off the wagon half-way through the year.

What if you didn’t wait until the New Year to make a resolution? Would you keep up with your goals if you made them manageable? Wouldn’t you feel better if you ended the year knowing you set goals, stayed accountable and achieved them?!? I want nothing more than to end this year knowing I kept every single RESOLUTION that I set for myself. I also want to be able to be proud of myself when I look back to this year in December and know I smashed every single goal. I would like nothing more than for all of you to be able to do the same. Who’s with me?

I believe the number one resolution every year is fitness related in some way or another. If that happens to be one of your goals this year stay with me because I’m sharing 10 REASONS TO EXERCISE.  Knowing how and why you should keep your body active will keep you invested in continuing the process to a better/healthier life.


  1. Increases balance and coordination 
  2. Boost your immune system – This is one of my personal favorite benefits from working out. I rarely get sick and I can contribute that to keeping my immune system on track.
  3. Has Anti-aging effects – Exercise helps enhance essentially every tissue in your body. Sweat and stimulating endorphins does wonders for your skin. You’ll thank me later!
  4. LIFTS YOUR MOOD – boost those “feel-good” chemicals in your brain AKA endorphins and serotonin 
  5. Reduces Stress – Another key factor on why I love to work out! I find so much internal satisfaction after being at the gym. Having a bad or rough day?  Working out helps us lose ourselves in the moment and get out of my our own head.  We all need that from time to time!

6. Improves breathing

7. Reduces body fat

8. Lowers anxiety

9. Improves sleep patterns – If you know me than you know sleep has never been an issue.  However, if you are someone who struggles with sleep try to see if exercise will help. Exert that excess energy in a healthy/positive way.

10. Helps maintain weight – I say maintain because if you want to lose weight or gain weight than you’d need to have a diet plan as well as exercise. The famous 80/20 rule.

So don’t wait for goals to happen, they just won’t. Don’t give up on yourself after one mess up or one bad day.  None of us are perfect and shouldn’t expect a perfect process! If you eat the sweet that you told yourself you wouldn’t do, guess what – that’s okay! We are ALL human and make “mistakes” but don’t go into the next day beating yourself up for one bad moment. Are you with me? One bad day does not have to turn into a bad week, month and doesn’t have to end in a “bad” year.  Cheers to a healthy start to 2019 and all of our best years yet!

Xo Lex

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