5 strengths & 5 weaknesses

Let’s talk about it….strengthens and weaknesses. We ALL have them but are we willing to share them? Do you try to make your weakness known?  Is that necessarily a bad thing to know you have weaknesses..I don’t think so. I picked my top 5 strengthens and 5 weakness….why? It’s important to know what your best attributes are but also equally important to know your weaknesses. Especially when it comes to future relationships, friendships, the work place, and other activities. For example, my sister is spontaneous and I am a planner but together, we mix well when it comes to how we spend time together.  So many people hear weakness as a negative trait, it is most definitely not. Why hide them? No one is perfect, NO ONE!

My top 5 strengths:
1) reliable
2) I see the best in people (regardless of past experiences)
3) trustworthy
4) determined
5) caring

My top 5 Weaknesses:
1) over thinker
2) gullible
3) control freak
4) worry wart
5) Anti social (introvert)




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