Beat the Intimidation

This is a note from me to you. And from me to me. Your struggles are mine. And mine, yours. So read on, as we do the hardest thing ever: criticize ourselves.

I think most people can agree with me when I say this, starting at a new gym or getting back into a gym is intimidating. Everyone is scared of being the person walking around looking clueless at gym equipment or nervous of someone watching over them. I myself (even after lifting for 5 years) still face intimidation in the gym, why? Because no matter where I am physically, I’ll never think I am the best one at the gym.
But there is a way to break past the intimidating task of getting yourself to exercise. You have to commit to a goal, and find ways to build momentum. Here is a collaboration for men and women, from my friend James Verona and myself. Five tips, customized for both genders.

1. Set A Goal – Cliché, right? But seriously. Think about it – What do you want to look like? How do you want to feel? You are the apex predator – you are the BADDEST creature in our known universe. Within your DNA, your body knows how to be fit and dominant. You have to remind. Set a goal, and get excited.

2. Confidence – Cliché times a million. BUT. The guy with the 6-pack is just a self-conscious that he doesn’t have an 8-pack as you are about your gut. Confidence issues are a human dilemma – we all feel them. Think about someone you like who may not be the best looking dude – why do you like him? You like him because he likes himself, and he conveys confidence. You. Are. The. Baddest. Act like it. Walk like it. If you believe it, everyone else will.

3. New Clothing – A new pair of kicks has me feeling on top of the world. A great pair of leggings makes me wanna show the booty off. And gets me out the door. Spend a little cash to put some pep in your step.

4. Upbeat Jams – Music, Find a genre or an artist that resonates with your body. Something that gets your body moving. Notice that rhythm, and feel it. Jump around your living room for a hot-second. Jam out in the car like a freaking rockstar. All of this starts with YOU. Find ways to catalyze your body’s energy centers.

5. Pre-Workout: Yes, too much can kill you. However, we have evolved as a species to understand our bodies, and how to get them moving in the right direction. Pre-workout can be a great motivator (start with half a scoop, or you will get in a fight at a red-light before ever making it to the gym).

Getting in shape is an overwhelming and intimidating idea in your mind. But like anything, for example your basket of laundry that needs washed, it gets so much easier when you just start. The first little bit of improvement you see in the mirror will blow your mind, and you’ll be hooked. (Physical result valid what your doing)

Take control of your body. Admit that we can all be bums who make excuses – when it comes to this, you are not alone. But take action. You got this!

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