My go-to tips for the grocery

So I’ve gotten lots of questions on what I eat or how to do I stick to healthy options. I thought what better way to do that then sharing grocery shopping tips.

1. This is probably one you have heard before but …..Don’t go to the grocery store hungry

2. Don’t over spend if you need to go back a few days later do that rather than spend more money & waste food.

3. It is still possible to eat the foods you like but look for brands that offer healthy options. Example: I use popchips instead of regular potato chips. They are a lot healthier in trans fat and less calories.

4. I do my grocery shopping on Sundays because it works best for my weekly schedule and gets me prepared for the week.

5. Choose fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables over canned

Eating healthy does not have to difficult. If you don’t enjoy a certain food regardless if it’s healthy or not, don’t eat it. I will never eat tuna, EVER. I stick to chicken, ground turkey and fish.

Here are the Top 5 foods I always have in my kitchen:

1) cereal (currently I have three boxes in my pantry)
2) unsweetened strawberry jello
3) rice cakes
4) flavored sparkling water
5) oatmeal

Please share any ideas or tips with me I didn’t cover! Hope everyone has an amazing day.

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