Spray Tanning 101

Alright Alright….. One of the most requested questions…. How or what do I use for my tans! What feels better than seeing yourself tan? Finding the right self tanner can be difficult. I have had my fair share of bad spray tans, I mean I’ve experienced just about every kind possible. Sunless tans can be challenging: too orange, too dark, too uneven, too splotchy. We’ve all been there! I want to first share important tips to keep in mind and help make your tans successful and last.


  1. Exfoliate your skin (I always exfoliate the day before I know I want to spray tan). I do recommend at least 24 hours before, from my personal experience, if you forget I recommend not exfoliating at all.
  2. Avoid putting products on your skin and only loose clothing (after I apply my tan I don’t use any lotions, oils, or deodorant) that evening because it can cause blotchines.

Applying tan:

This is just how I do it, so whatever you find best or most comfortable for you- I like to work my way up. I start with my ankles and work upward. I find I don’t streak nearly as much when I start at the bottom of my body.

  1. Apply tan to mitt
  2. Use circular motions upward
  3. After you’ve applied it, let tan dry
  4. Apply lose clothing

The worst part of spray tanning is standing naked cold/wet waiting on the tan to dry…. SO just try to embrace the mess!! Make sure the clothing is lose and no undies or bra; unless you like marks and uneven tans.

FAQ: Do you find that the tan stains your sheets?

Yes & No (I make sure I use darker sheets for when I am using or sleeping with a spray tan) No matter what brand I’ve used, I haven’t found one that if you sleep and sweat keeps it from getting on clothing and sheets. Just being totally honest. Dark clothing and dark sheets until you wake up. If that is something you wouldn’t try, apply tan in the morning before work and then shower later that evening before bed. Whichever is best or easiest for YOU!

WELL AHHHH! YOU GLOWING GODDESS YOU. The perfect sunless tan. Personally, I do both at home and professional spray tans, when I have the time and want it to last longer. I usually do a weekly home tan just to get some color and glow. Spray tans are the perfect pick me up! I hope this is helpful and I cannot wait to see all of your sunless tans.

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As always feel free to message or email me with any questions you have.


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