How to Stress less

Life is full of ups and downs. I truly believe in living everyday to your fullest. Unfortunately we never know when it will be our last day. If something was to happen and I wasn’t enjoying myself or my life, (to the best of my ability) I would be devastated. I am human and so are all of you, so bad days are bound to happen. The start of a bad day doesn’t mean, the whole day has to be bad. It just that day is A BAD day. Recently, I got my first car accident and it made me late for my workout. I was beyond frustrated and annoyed and pissed off at myself. In my head, I thought could this day get any worse….So dramatic right?! I wasn’t hurt, the woman in the other car was completely fine…Thank goodness and nothing on either vehicle was really damaged. Leaving the scene of the accident, I forced myself to think about all the positive ways this played out; instead of the negatives of what had just happened. Why…because I’ve learned how powerful our minds really are. I was still able to make it to the gym right after. In 10 years it was my first car accident. I had so much to be thankful for to let that ruin my day. I could of stayed angry or frustrated and chose pity on myself and from others. But I chose optimism to learn from this lesson and what that car accident taught me. There’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve got an older; It’s that life is extremely short we have so much to be grateful for. I’ve listed a few things that help me when I’m having a bad or stressful day to turn it around and make it a good one. I hope a few of these will help you as well.

Pray ( say a prayer and be in the moment with God)

Exercise ( endorphins, duh.) Let your mind relax during a workout and really focus on what your trying to accomplish in that moment.

Take a break from social media. ( sometimes we don’t realize how social media can wear on us especially on bad days)

Text/call someone that makes you instantly feel better (venting to someone you love and having someone who understands you will help)

Music (uplifting music to really help lift your vibes up)

Sleep. (When stressed your body needs additional sleep and rest

Mindset. ( powerful positive thoughts helps)


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