You will only fail if you quit

I know personally I’m a creature of habit and as amazing as I think it is, it is also a negative trait of mine. I hinder myself from doing new things because I like my routine and it’s comfortable for me. However, if I continue to do that I’m not growing or expanding myself to change. Why don’t I try new things or step outside of what I’m comfortable with? Well I am naturally a shy person and I hate disappointing myself or someone else, which is honestly ridiculous now that I’m saying it out loud. Disappointment is looked at in a negative way, why? Without disappointing someone, self included you cannot grow….disappointment leads to strength, knowledge and error. If I never took a chance to start getting into fitness or making the gym part of my regular routine 5 years ago, I would be so disappointed today I didn’t take that chance to try. I chose to step outside of my normal routine by feeling uncomfortable at the gym in the beginning but I grew internally and changed my body for the better. Here are things to always remember when trying to better yourself or try something new:

1) Overthinking will lead to sadness

2) Positive thoughts create positive things

3) You will only fail if you quit

4) Judgements are a confession of character

5) Things always get better with time

Lastly, I want to finish by saying if someone does not like how you’ve changed or that you are trying to change to better yourself, leave them behind. Having people around you that cheer you on (regardless if you fail) are far more important than keeping the wrong people in your life and holding you back.

This gym set is more beautiful in person click here to check it out.

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