30 days Kindness Challenge

Kindness is contagious! Studies show if you can do anything for 30 days, you’ll be more likely to continue after the 30 days are over. WE CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 30 DAYS…


The world needs more kind people, personally I cherish kind people. I think with technology and how viral things can go on social media, we are quick to make judgements or negative remarks on others from something we see on the internet. I went to get ice cream last night and as I was waiting in line, I noticed a man in front of me (early 20’s) wearing extremely short shorts with knee high tube socks. In that moment, It hadn’t even crossed my mind to make fun of his outfit or question what he was wearing. Maybe that had to do with how my generation expresses ourselves?! Until I looked back at the group of middle aged men behind me. The expressions on their faces showed disgust and followed with whispers and laughing. At that moment I thought to myself, how sad. The 20 year old kid didn’t notice or hear the whispers and laughs but I did. It didnt sit well with me, I don’t know his story and neither did those men, so why judge his situation or his life. After that I was inspired to share and write this blog post. Kindness is not hard! Yes, we are all human and we all pass judgment on people but thinking it and passing it with gossip are two very different things. So I challenge y’all to join me in this 30 day kindness challenge and you can follow along on my Instagram stories for daily updates. I’ve listed my top 30 below

                                                  30 days kindness challenge 

1) pay for someone’s coffee at the drive-thru

2) Tell 3 people you admire something about them

3) Compliment a stranger

4) Write an encouraging letter to someone you love

5) Open the door for someone

6) Buy flowers for a friend

7) Return a shopping cart to its proper place (inside)

8) Donate to a shelter

9) Send a card with a handwritten note to a friend

10) Donate a $1 for the next tip jar you see

11) Bring coffee to someone (just how they like it)

12) Be a courteous driver —-THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT FOR ME

13) Shop a local business

14) Donate food/supplies to an animal shelter

15) Carry an elderly persons groceries

16) Compliment someone everyday (honest compliments only)

17) Spread good news

18) Donate blood

19) Recycle more

20) Invest in your self-care

21) Visit grandparents

22) Offer free babysitting to someone

23) Rake leaves for someone

24) Clean out closet & donate clothing

25) Pay it forward (whatever way you can think of)

26) Donate “your” time in some way to help others

27) Smile (how easy is that)

28) Give to someone in need

29) Donate canned food to a local food bank

30) Make a new friend



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