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  1. Growing up with strict parents was such a love/hate relationship. I knew my parents intentions were to make me as successful as possible and to teach me how to be an adult, but oh so often was that vision blurred by that childish frame of mind. My military dad’s favorite line was, “I’m your parent NOT your friend”.

My mom and I are so alike its frightening. I feel for every mother who has a teenager daughter or will  – because you guys are the real MVP! I think I told my mom every other day, “I can’t wait to move out!” and those famous last words that I’m still embarrassed to admit, “I hate you”.

Fast forward a few years, now as an adult, my mom is my best friend and I have nothing but respect for my mother. Both my mom and dad instilled in his daughters, from the beginning, that blood is thicker than water.  This has allowed me to develop friendships that I consider to be more like blood, rather then a typical “friend”. The only thing that will matter at the end of the day is family. This has proven to be true time and time again.

With Mother’s Day approaching I want all of you to know that I’m so proud of the work you put forth to be a mom. Despite some of the struggles you’ll face, the bond you’ll have with your children is the most amazing thing in the world. Keep fighting through those dreadful teenage years, the rough times & the sticks and stones.

Being a mom is the hardest job on this planet. Honestly,  I don’t know how my mother didn’t strangle me a time or two! We have had this discussion recently and her reply is simply, ” You’re my child. I will always be here and do what’s best for you and your sisters.”

Motherhood is the only job you can’t give up on.  ZERO vacation days or sick hours will be assigned!  Please know that everything you do will be ultimately be okay. You always have the right intentions in mind, when making decisions on behalf of your children. Are they always perfect? No. But that’s okay!  Take the little victories and know in time it will all pay off.

When the time is right and your kids are grown, you’ll get to see a relationship you’ve created. A bond, a best friend that is stronger and greater than anything else. AND you’ve created and molded this human & relationship. 

I love my mom and all that she has done for me.  Did I comprehend all of her reasons as a child? Not even a little bit, but oh how I appreciate all that she has done and still does for me now.   She is my hero & best friend.  There is no one else I admire more than her.

Thank you mom. You’ve created a visual and created a tunnel of what type of mother I wish to be. I love you.

As an immensely grateful daughter and hopeful future mom – Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommas!



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