Do you love yourself?

Are you fully loving yourself right now? Do you feel confident in your own skin… Girl, you’re not alone. Everyone women struggles with intimidation at some point. Which makes us lack confidence internally or externally. I’m going to share a story about something I’ve struggled with for a while now. “I could never wear a sports bra without a shirt at the gym.” -that was something I told myself about a year ago. I always admired women and still do admire women who have the confidence to go into the gym while only in a sports bra or crop top on. I never thought I would be able to walk around the gym and feel confident about it. Well, hear I am to tell you all that just about two weeks ago, I decided I’m going to feel happy and confident with the body I do have. I told myself today’s the day, you got this. I know by now I’ve gotten some eye rolls or a few people thinking girl, you’re tiny (stop with that nonsense) It is the truth  though, I thought if I didn’t have a 6-pack or enough definition in my stomach I was unable to walk around a gym and rock that sports bra or crop top. Completely ridiculous right?! Why did I think that?! It might be social media or the thoughts of what others might say, or what society thinks what a perfect fit body is, or whatever reason. It made me think I needed to look like that in order to wear what I wanted or liked? I lacked confidence and was afraid of what people might think. Until I decided, hold up this is my body and started loving myself for what I am and not what others think I should look like. The amount of time it is has taken me to build a body I love, I’m going to walk around in whatever outfit I want. After freeing myself and mind of that, I felt so confident with myself. So today, I’ll put on whatever outfit suits me best and yes it still requires a few pep talks but I’m doing it…… Try it! My advice is think about something your holding yourself back from in order to overcome a goal, or a mental mindset. It could be not wearing a certain color because someone told you it wasn’t flattering on you once, and so you never wore it again. It may be that you were afraid to run in public, or whatever comes to mind when you read this. Just remember, own who you are, all that matters is that you are doing the best you can! Don’t second guess yourself.

I Hope you guys have an amazing weekend and try something you’ve always wanted to do but may have been to scared to do so. Feel free to share them with me.



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