Found My Faith

Here we go – one of the most polarizing topics I have yet to discuss. re – wait for it – ligon

I took the path that many of you are similar with.  You know the upbringing – the Holy Lutheran Church.  Taking group classes after service with the pastor and having to go to church no option. It was a way of life.

My church growing up was what now would be considered very small and not many children my age attended.  From what I can remember, my younger sister and I were the only few kids that attended. Lets face it, I got enough of her at home… I’m kidding, kinda – sorry Kenzie.

As I became an adult I “move on with life”. I went to school and I no longer had the desire to attend the typical church service. I never understand why I was attending in the first place and once I had the freedom to “choose” to go it became expendable. All those years of service and I still had no idea what I believed in. I was taught so much when it came to God, but nothing relatable.  It was scripture that was straight from the Bible, something many of us don’t relate to.  I am not trying to take away faith from anyone – but this type of devotion never resonated me.

With all that being said I never questioned my faith in God, but I didn’t feel the NEED to worship him for many years.  Little did I know at the time this took me away from myself – who I was – and most importantly I lost my relationship with God.  I didn’t realize how lost I was, how unbelievably/unfathomably lost I was.

I can’t really elaborate on an ah-ha moment that made me decide to go back to church, but eventually I wanted to find a church of my choosing.  I wanted the feeling of a church that I attended and immediately after wanting more.  Something that made me think, something that was RELATABLE!  I needed a clear message.  Honestly now I say I had yet to experience at that point in time in my life.

Now that I am an adult I know I have the power to choose my faith and what I believe in.  Also how I choose to believe in Him.  I love Jesus – I have always loved him and praise him everyday.  I am aware I am a child of God and get to create a greater message.

I am now attending a church of my choosing it is a completely different path to faith. But the best part of it is, my 16 year old sister comes every week as well. How lucky am I that I found a family, a community and a place that makes everyone feel welcomed!?!

No matter what you believe, how far you’ve come, or the pain you’ve endured God will always be there. We all take different paths to spiritually.  Some take longer then others, but I am here to support everyones decisions no matter what your faith is. Just know if you are questioning or unable to believe, look somewhere else, go somewhere else, do whatever you need to do to feel the holy sprit within you. Even if you stand alone, STAND because what YOU believe in is the most important.


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