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Our Honeymoon Experience


                                                                         3 reasons we used a travel agent 

2020 changed a lot when traveling, and my husband and I still wanted to have a dream honeymoon. We decided to work with Traveluxe Official after doing some research and talking with a few friends. I am so incredibly grateful we did. Here is why:

  Expert Experience 

Neither of us knew where to start when it came to what to do, places to go, and what to experience. Our travel agent created an experience that we could have only dreamt of. 

Save time                                                                                                                                                                                                      After planning a wedding and the stress that comes with it, it was nice to know I could take one more thing off my to-do list. I have a type-A personality and don’t like letting other people have control of important decisions, but my honeymoon was one thing I am thankful I took off my plate and left it for the experts.


Reduce Stress 

Besides planning a wedding and focusing on the biggest day of your life, other life issues happen. While you might have an idea on location or even a hotel for the honeymoon. The stress of finding the time to set aside to plan details of the trip that are safe and reliable can be challenging. On top of that, full-time jobs and day-to-day stress are still going on, and finding time to do it all is STRESSFUL. Let someone else do the hard part; you’ll be so glad you decided to. 


Set a budget. Let them know how much you feel comfortable spending, and the travel agent will give you ideas and locations based on that. 

Location: Cabo, Mexico

Timeline: Mid-July

Now that I explained all the reasons, go check out their website for yourself & book your next trip!!


Thank you Traveluxe Offical for an amazing honeymoon!

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