How do I stay Motivated?

How are you motivated to go to the gym or stay motivated to keep going to the gym?

That’s my stress reliever, it’s my time to start and finish something in one day. So why not make that a daily accomplishment. For me, it’s a daily task and I take that time to set or make a new goal while at the gym.

Results! It takes time and I honestly know how hard that can be. However, once you see the results….it’s damn sure it be addicting. Addiction and results go hand and hand

Making the time. Figure out what’s important to you! Then pick and choose what you need in your life to live your best life. If one of those things are exercise, making the time is easy. You either want it or you don’t.

Accountability. This is where a partner or friend might help. Because bad days happen, lazy days happen but it has to be just that. A lazy day or a rest day, you can’t turn that one day into an off week which then turns into off month.

Self determination is a major factor. How bad do you want to change your fitness goals or outer appearance.

What’s your goal?
Exercise to stay healthy? Exercise to lose weight or maintain weight?

I’ve received a lot of questions lately, so I wanted to address a few things, that help me when I make my decision to workout. I hope it helps and inspires you all!




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