I went to Gordmans for the first time this past week and OMG I was absolutely blown away by the store front and staff.

This is the age of digital media and don’t get me wrong I love the ease and convenience of a quick impulse online buy.  However, walking through a store like Gordmans is such a pleasant reminder that a shopping trip can still be best utilized with an in-person touch and feel experience.

With the competition of online shopping, there is nothing worse than taking the time to go to a store just to deal with poor customer service.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with my shopping experience at Gordmans however.  Passion is a lost art in retail these days and it was so very enjoyable walking through the store and being greeted/acknowledged around every corner.  If I had a question of where I needed to go it felt like a store associate was always in the right place at the right time.

There is still something so rewarding with finding a little something you weren’t even looking for.  Call me old fashion but finding that item in-person felt so much better then clicking through some apps.

After a full cart and a fulfilled fix I did what any retail junkie would do, I spread the word.  I called and told my sister & mom about just how unique of a store Gormans was.  Obviously our next move was to coordinate a little girls trip.  They had to see this place in person!

We are all so busy and have so much on our plates, so the ultimate question – Was it worth the trip?

Short answer – Y-E-S!


Here is why I recommend taking the time to go see it yourself –

I could not only visually put physically put together my holiday décor household floorplan.

Holiday decor shopping will always have a special place in my heart.  Think about it, every season ends and you get to essentially transform your home into the next phase of your life.  Gordmans won me over so quickly because they made it easy to envision what I was looking for and still could do this in an affordable manner!   When I tell you I had a cart FULL of holiday décor, I feel like that was an understatement.  I actually bumped into two unaccepting customers because I was popping out the seems – wreaths, pumpkins, plaques, candles – it was all too much!

At the end of the day it was so rewarding to be around such kind/helpful associates and have a store where I literally felt like I was getting a BARGAIN! I hope you all will take a little time out of your busy lives to experience the quality that Gordmans has to offer.  I assure you it won’t be your only time – because it surely won’t be mine!


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